center for defensive driving

501(c)(3) nonprofit # 47-4854984

Mission Statement

Our primary mission is youth development in the States of Oregon and Washington. We do that in three ways:

1. Interactive traffic safety safety presentations at high schools.

2. Drug and alcohol presentations at high schools.

3. We have a registered therapy dog named Stella. Stella visits children at elementary and middle schools to facilitate reading programs. Her participation is a boost to their self-confidence and socialization, which improves their reading ability. Stella also goes to hospice and hospitals to cheer up patients, visitors and staff.

We reached 12,000 people this year.

Safe Driving Quiz

1.     How many people died in traffic collisions, in the U.S., in 2016?     37,000.

2.     At what speed will a car kill a pedestrian?     45 MPH.

3.     What is the limit for D.U.I. of alcohol for a person over 21?     .08% B.A.C.

4.     What is the limit for D.U.I. of alcohol for a person under 21, in WA?     .02% B.A.C.

5.     What is the number one killer of young people ages 15-20?     Traffic collisions.

6.     What is distracted driving?     Anything inside/outside the car that causes the driver to lose focus on safe driving.

7.     Yellow traffic lights last how long?     3 seconds.

8.      When does a pedestrian have the right of way?     When they are in a marked or unmarked crosswalk.

9.     When is it legal to cross a double-yellow line?     When turning left.

10. What is the best way to back up?    By turning in your seat and looking behind you.

Two optional extra credit assignments to do at home (choose one and write a one-page paper on it):

1.     Go to and watch a crash test video. What is IIHS? What do they do? Who funds them? How does society benefit from their work? What are they looking for in a crash test?

2.     Do some research on alcohol poisoning. Find out what it is and how it happens. In the first paragraph define what alcohol poisoning is. Then write about a college student who died from alcohol poisoning. Describe the case in detail.