center for defensive driving

501(c)(3) nonprofit # 47-4854984

Mission Statement

Our primary mission is human development in the States of Oregon and Washington. We do that in two ways:

1. We give presentations at high schools on teen driver safety, rail safety and drugs/alcohol/DUI.

2. We have a registered therapy dog named Stella. Stella visits schools, nursing homes and hospitals to cheer up children, patients, visitors and staff.

We reached 12,000 people last year.


Motorcycle Safety

We are passionate about motorcycle safety.
If you drive a car, watch out for motorcycles. They can be hard to see. In a collision between a car and a motorcycle, the car driver is usually at-fault.

If you ride a motorcycle, please wear a DOT-compliant helmet and full protective gear.

There are four components to a DOT-compliant motorcycle helmet:

  1. DOT sticker.
  2. An inch of hard polystyrene foam padding.
  3. A secure fastener, usually metal D-rings.
  4. A manufacturer’s label (DOT certified, date and size).

We support the work of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.