center for defensive driving

501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation

 Mission Statement

Our mission is to give traffic safety presentations in Oregon and Washington. Our goal is to reduce the number of people injured and killed in collisions through education.

We give presentations on:

- Teen Driver Safety

- Rail Safety

- Motorcycle Safety

- Corporate Driver Safety

Teen Driver Safety

We are passionate about teen driver safety.
A 16 year old driver is ten times more likely to get involved in a traffic collision, than a teen with one year of driving experience.
We give free presentations on teen driver safety and drugs/alcohol at high schools.

Our presentations include slides, photos and dash cam video of moving violations, traffic collisions, reckless driving, DUI, seat belts, distracted driving, underage driving, etc. We also show PSA’s and have a Q&A at the end.

What we can do for your high school is:

  • Host an assembly for hundreds of students.
  • Host a Teen Driver Safety Rally, in the quad, at lunch.
  • Give presentations in the classroom (Health, etc.)
  • Host a Teen Driver Safety Night at 7pm (parents & teens).
  • Host a table at a school event (Homecoming, etc.)